Michelle Boos-Stone is an experienced Business Strategy and Culture Change consultant, facilitator and Graphic Recorder.  She is founder and Principal of Five Elements Consulting Group, a global consulting firm specializing in the areas of enhancing team collaboration and engagement, and helping organizations and teams create a future of new possibilities and sustainable growth.  Over the past 17 years, Michelle’s passion has been to develop leaders at every level, and she creates transformational experiences for leaders and teams through vision/strategy development and the implementation of culture–infused initiatives. 


As a longtime graphic recorder herself, Michelle utilizes the power of visual communication in all of her consulting work.  She is highly professional, yet casually unorthodox in her methods, creating workshops and learning environments that introduce a fat dose of humor, ensure comfort, honor different learning styles, and utilize the power of color and scent theory.  Simply said, she just DOES IT DIFFERENTLY.


Michelle has had the amazingly incredible experience of taking on graphic recording mentees over the last 10 years.  During that time, she began to discover that while the skill building around graphic recording was relatively easy to teach, a big piece that was missing for her mentees was around the fundamentals of running their own business, powerfully partnering and collaborating with their clients, and understanding what happens in real companies and real business processes to be able to be present in any client situation and truly understand how to provide exactly what the participants need to process and learn together most effectively.  When a graphic recorder can understand how a facilitator thinks, and foresee what the participants will need, they can create the charts, templates and other collateral needed to support the event and its people at a much higher level of engagement and collaboration.


That is how “Graphic Recording Business Boot Camp” was born!


Michelle has a very unique and highly successful approach to business that can be experienced through her public training workshops offered several times per year.  GRBBC with Michelle is a transformative experience.  It is the hardest, most fun work you will ever do for yourself.  Michelle will take you on a journey in which you will begin to discover your own greatness and envision new possibilities for your own future and the future success of your business.  When you attend GRBBC with Michelle, you get a lifetime of personal coaching, mentoring, and ongoing learning.  Michelle prides herself on helping you succeed and she’ll be there to cheer you on when you experience your wins!


Michelle has been accused of “reeking of energy” and positivity and she welcomes everyone into her web of friendship and learning.  You will have the time of your life working with her.  Trust us.


Click on the image below to watch Michelle in action!


For more information about Michelle’s consulting and facilitation work, please visit our main website at fiveelementsconsultinggroup.com