In this 3-day Business Boot Camp you will:


Learn how to BRAND, MARKET and SELL GRAPHIC RECORDING as a critical service to your clients…but also how to BRAND and SELL THE UNIQUENESS THAT IS YOU!


Learn the tools (and secrets!) of EXCEPTIONAL CLIENT ENGAGEMENT, and how to collaboratively partner with your clients


GROW YOUR GRAPHIC RECORDING SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE and EXPERTISE through sharing best practices, and learning to streamline the logistics of running your business, template and project customization, using metaphors powerfully, utilizing color theory and gobs more.  You’ll get lots of hands-on practice doing both live and in-studio mapping


GROW YOUR CONTENT KNOWLEDGE and PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ACCUMEN to become a “business generalist” that understands how to best meet…and exceed…your clients’ goals and outcomes regardless of the meeting or project


THIS BOOT CAMP IS FOR YOU IF:  You’re already a practicing Graphic Recorder (1+ year experience) and you have a strong desire to push yourself towards wild success and great possibility!  Business Boot Camp is an intense workout of your GR business muscle.  This workshop is an intense deep dive into the business side of graphic recording.  This session is to help you learn to run a successful, sustainable graphic recording practice and is less about skill based techniques…you will learn tons and laugh so hard that your brain will hurt.  Trust us.  PLEASE NOTE:  This workshop is not structured for those brand new to the field of graphic recording.