“Michelle, I am telling EVERYONE I KNOW that your Boot Camp was a transformative experience and, just as you said, pays off in spades IMMEDIATELY!!”  –Avril Orloff


“If my house catches on fire I’m grabbing my laptop, my GRBC binder and my wedding album.  In that order.”  –Alece Birnbach


“I consistently reference the materials and learnings from Michelle’s Boot Camp as I grow my own Graphic Recording business.  Her advisement, insight and hilarious clarity is invaluable towards growing a business that is broad in its offerings, financially sustainable, and draws clients to return for more!  What an empowering learning experience, and what a community!”  –Melanie Ida-Chopko


“Michelle’s energy and enthusiasm for graphics, consulting and changing the world, were contagious! GRBBC helped to see my skills as a unified offering, and helped me determine how to position my offering to clients.  FUN, HARD WORK”!!  -Lisa Edwards


“In 3 days you will be able to sell your worth confidently, double what you make on each gig and triple your value with your clients…take this workshop…and laugh your ass off while you journey with Michelle to seeing your uniqueness and amazing possibility”!!  -Lisa Arora (current IFVP Board Member)


“For me, this workshop has been a highlight of the past 5 years.” -Anne Jess (current IFVP Board Member)


“Michelle, this is priceless information, gleaned from years of trial and error plus your business background.  It’s a major selling point to know we’ve got your amazing support in general, and specifically to receive these nuggets of real-life examples gives us actionable information and models the concepts you’ve taught.  I know that hearing about your case studies and stories during bootcamp really brought it home.  The abstract of learning something (or several somethings) intellectually distilled down into the real world made all the difference. Plus it’s such freaking fun to hear you tell your stories”!  -Hannah Sanford